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Turn off and Vacate

This thought came to me through a question I was asked. As someone who’s self employed this comes up a lot, but it also absolutely applies to an employee. Now with summer months upon us, this stands out even more.

When the weekend comes, or even vacation time comes, do you turn off from working and when on vacation do you do what I call “vacate”.

Far too many find it necessary and are so immersed in their jobs or business that they just can’t seem to let go!  I hear from others like myself, who even when away on vacation find it necessary to check business emails, “get this one thing sent” or “just get back to this person” all in the name of importance. Really? What did we do without all the technology to constantly be reachable or connected to the job or business. When did family, friends or even our own health become that much less important than work?

No matter what you do, let me say this again, no matter what… need the time to rest and rejuvenate. You may think it’s not necessary but not taking that needed break only adds/leads to stress.

So many times I hear a significant other say “oh it’s ok she/he does this one thing, I understand its’ business or the job” note: they may say it’s ok but think of how that person may feel deep down, that they’re just not as important as the job is. Now reverse the situation, how would you feel.

Weekends and vacations are a must! Even though sometimes the weekends or vacation time is spent doing work around a home or perhaps even having to lend a helping hand, it’s still not the same as going to work or business. However, having said that, even doing things like that requires a rest period. 

Evenings, weekends and vacations are important to me, life is short and I want to savor every moment of it and those I’m with.  These times are for hubby and I and even if we’re working around our home and ranch, it’s still not the same as either of us working our job or business. Granted, I will concede that there have been times when we’re working around our home and something needs to get done that I’m the one pushing myself even further because it needs to get done. But really? How badly does it need finishing that taking a break/rest is going to make that big of a difference. It usually doesn’t and it’s just me being me!

So take the time, slow down, kick back and breathe, take the time to enjoy the little things, those you’re with, the beauty all around and life. Remember, back before all this technology and all the many ways of staying in contact with everyone was around, people took the time to rejuvenate and live life.

Oh and just a side note here,  for some who think they just cannot take the time then they are the ones who absolutely need a virtual assistant to take the tasks out of their hands! Jus sayin’

Working From Home Saves $$

Working from home, virtually, remotely-whatever you want to call it has grown more and more over the years.

Just as I’ve written on my own site, it’s way more cost effective for those who need the support. Whether its a large business or a solopreneur. However, it can be very cost effective for the employee as well.

Going out on your own is a big deal! It’s taking that leap of faith that others may not be willing to do, but it can be very rewarding in many ways and one of the biggest is the cost savings just from the commute aspect to the “day in the life of the employee”.

I love this article which really breaks it all down!

Has the Meaning of Weddings been Lost

Have weddings gotten to be like Christmas?

Many (including myself) are seeing Christmas become all about the “show”.  By this I mean who can give and receive the most, or give and receive more expensive gifts. Who can out-do one another. Who can spend the most money, have the most people around and put on the biggest show. While the whole meaning has been lost. This blog is not meant to offend or ignore some people, that’s not the meaning of it. This is merely a generic blog post of a thought, so therefore, the whole meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus. Somewhere along the line all the meaning has been lost and it’s so commercialized and exploited. Weddings seem like they too are losing the true meaning of the day. This is a day of celebrating the love of two people who are committing their love and life to one another. However, with so many I’ve seen and been to, its all about inviting as many people as you can (or have to in order to “keep peace”). In more than one instance I’ve been asked to include the last names on invitations I design due to the bride telling me that some of the people being invited don’t even know her last name! Really? If they wouldn’t even know who’s inviting them, why invite them at all? I hear, so and so wants us to do this or that etc. This is the wedding of the couple! This is all about THEM not any other relative!

I’ve seen ridiculous amounts of money being spent for just a couple of hours. Sometimes we hear “this is once in a lifetime” or “I’m only doing this once”, to which everyone hopes is the case. Statistically  and sadly the odds are not in that favor. The cost is spent on just a couple to few hours where at the end of it, both bride and groom sit there and say “wow it’s all over” yep, but those bills will start coming in within thirty days!

The true meaning has been lost. Again, just an opinion, but sad to see how this has happened. I just think if more deep thought was given to the meaning of a wedding itself, it would help alleviate many problems that come up and wind up causing some broken marriages. Oh and in some cases, those broken marriages are still left with wedding debt to be dealt with during divorces.