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Fresh Eggs

Farm fresh eggs, ahh nothing else comes close.

After carefully asking questions and doing my research, I finally decided to jump into raising chickens.  Now just like many of those who may be reading this and have done the same thing, you go to the farm/feed store with this thought in your mind, “I’ll only get 4”. Ha, that lasted about all of the ten minutes when I was talking with the sales/chicken pro at the local Coastal farm store and the decision to go with at least six happened.

That was in April of this year (2018) and once I got these littles home and started enjoying them as they grew I knew I was hooked…um well many of us chicken people refer to being addicted. Once our coop and run was all built and our little ones were now out in their new wide open world, more enjoyment came. When I was working outside, I was amused by what is known as chicken TV.  All of our chickens have names and are very lovingly cared for. Around June as I was in the back of the house, I heard this strange sound come from the coop.  A sound that to me made my eyes bug out! That was the sound of a young bird attempting his first crow…We’ve Got a Roo!  So in an attempt to not confuse the little fella, I changed the name from Chrissy to Ricky after all, it’s close right?  And we already have a Lucy 🙂 

As summer went on into late August our first egg appeared!!! I was so excited to find that first egg nestled into the nesting box. It was like a little gift. Everyday I enjoyed going out with my egg basket and gathering up my one and only egg.  Knowing the rest would be coming into laying, I started keeping track on a daily basis of how many we get and gradually it started to increase.

By now they were big chickens and way more fun to watch. Hubby started to enjoy watching and talking to them and sometimes we would just sit out back and laugh over the antics.  Heck just watching them run gave us a laugh, especially the Light Brahmas, these have heavily feathered feet and between their heavy butt feathers and those feet it looks like their running with their pants falling down!  They were now free ranging during the day and having a blast. Gradually they would venture into new territory and just devour little goodies.  Only once did I look behind some boards propped up behind our pump house and find a next of two eggs. No, ladies…you have nice nesting boxes for this! Guess they got the point since I always find their eggs in the coops.

Since our first little batch of chicks, I added eight more chicks and we adopted 7 more older gals of different breeds from a friend who was relocating and along with them came our duck, a beautiful Rouen male who I apply named Drake.  Drake protects his ladies AND ME. If Ricky the roo decides to get outta line, all I have to do is say “Drake help me” and here he comes quickly waddling over to chase Ricky 🙂 We love him and intend to get him one or two duck ladies…well maybe…he’s pretty content with his haram right now ha.  I also wound up getting two more little chicks in late August just cause of their breed and cuteness and 4 weeks later they were out with the big girls and lovin life! 

I’m always looking for chicken “hacks”, local finds to use in and around our coops and runs along with making most of my own feed (fermented and dry) scratch, treats and  just keeping them happy in healthy in natural ways.

More chicks are coming in the spring and I do hope at some point someone goes broody and we have our own batch hatched here at Frisendahl Homestead. In the meantime, we enjoy and love each and every one of our “fowl” and enjoy the wonderful gifts they provide us with every single day! Even now that the days are shorter (ah but soon they shall start getting longer) every day I go out and find their colorful array of gifts and I can honestly say that I will never get tired of finding eggs. It’s like an Easter egg hunt in chicken coops every single day 🙂

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It’s Too Late to Procrastinate

Procrastination, oh boy how many have done this or still do this?

I’ve had a saying for many years which I really cannot fully share here, but lets just say it goes along the lines that procrastination is literally hurting yourself in the long run.  Oh sure we all have those things we know we need to do and should do but we don’t really feel like doing them at the time and well we procrastinate… And then what happens, yep we’re screwed! Either we don’t get that time later, something comes up tomorrow and now we haven’t gotten it done.

It’s the frog! That’s what I call the thing I know I really have to get done but deep down really don’t want to…its my frog. So I’ve gotten myself in the habit (and trust me it has taken a while to do that too) of saying “time to eat the frog”.  Note: I guess it’s called eating the frog since well, I don’t think frogs really taste all that good ha. 

Eating the frog first is probably the best to do, make it the priority task and just take a big gulp and get it done. Maybe it’s exercising, doing that project in or around the house, on the job it could be that task written on the post it that keeps getting moved around to avoid it.  Whatever the case may be its that “something” that makes you procrastinate.

Well here’s some simple things you can do to help get over procrastination.  First, tell yourself let me just start this as you go about the task tell yourself just a little bit more, it could even be just little significant steps or actions but if you go along in this way saying five more minutes or a few more sit ups or I’ll just work on this til I finish this part whatever it is, just saying these little words along with doing the task will make a huge impact.  It’s the compound effect the slight edge that will make all the difference. Before you know it you’ll say wow I’ve gotten this far, I may as well just finish this up and low and behold you’re done with whatever it was you were putting off….procrastinating.  The sense of accomplishment will be huge and the feeling it will give will only propel you into keeping the habit.

So after doing all this will procrastination be a thing of the past? Could be, but every so often something may come around and you just may feel like putting it on the back burner, but don’t, remind yourself how well just applying those little words, those little steps all helped conquer…or eat the frog. May not have been the tastiest, but at least it got done

Remember, it’s TOO LATE to procrastinate.

**Resources: The Compound Effect

                         The Slight Edge

Can Journaling Change Your Life

Can journaling change your life? In my honest opinion I say Yes!

Journaling/planning is your map, it’s setting the direction of where you want to go and the route you take to get there. It’s a place to set goals, visions and schedules.

I’ve been a journaler for I don’t know how long, interesting enough (well it was to us anyway) my brother and I were not raised together, we were bi-coastal living and later on found out that we both keep daily journals! I do have to admit that there are days my personal journal does not come out, but, my Best Self Member/Affiliate journal/planner is constantly with me, in my sight and used every day.  I’ve made it a point, (which by the way has been a habit I’ve written in my journal weekly to get me to stick to it) on Sunday evenings to plan the week out. Whether it’s business or personal related, it’s written down. From my largest task to the smallest, it’s written out. Goals are written down on a daily basis and looked at, the top three things I’m grateful for are listed in the morning and at night.

In keeping this habit going, I found out, especially this year that every single goal I’ve written down on the daily basis has been reached!

Journaling just ten minutes each day prior to going to sleep is a common practice that many of the most successful people do. Why? Because what you write goes into your subconscious while you sleep. Journaling keeps you on track, makes you accountable to yourself.  It accelerates your ability to reach your goals. Goals must be written down! They must be made audible and declared otherwise they’re just pipe dreams or thoughts. Write them down…daily and look at them. Say them out loud. Trust me, this stuff really works!  Journaling creates clarity and habit, allows you to write down emotions and thoughts and increases your gratitude. And we all know you must have an attitude of gratitude to succeed in anything in life, no matter if it’s business or personal.

Journaling is your own history book. I save my journals and sometimes will sit and just read my entries. Sometimes it can be rough, other times be funny, but it’s my history book and pretty cool to read and reflect on just how far I’ve come. With my Best Self Journal, Member/Affiliate these are Twelve week journals, I date them and keep them and later sit down and go through the past Twelve weeks and see just how I did. Sometimes I’ve not accomplished all I planned to, sometimes I’ve pushed back a goal (which is ok too) and most times I’m very happy with what I’ve accomplished and reached over those Twelve weeks 🙂

I found an interesting article from Success and have provided the link for the entire article. I encourage everyone to start a journal(s) if you haven’t already, and if you have started, keep going it only gets better and you’ll be so glad you did!

Success magazine:

Sometimes ya just gotta Eat that Frog

Just recently I was reading an interesting article on putting off a project. As I was reading, I thought this would be a great one to promote as so many of us find ourselves doing this same thing, well I’m glad there’s actually a name for it and it’s not just me!

So many of us in business will have that one project that really isn’t that difficult to do, it just may be more time consuming and well we tend to put it off. Not good.  It’s referred to as “the frog” and don’t ask me why they call it that. Ever heard the term “eat the frog” well there ya go.  I myself am not a procrastinator, in fact many who know me have heard the phrase I use about it which I prefer not to repeat in this posting haha. HOWEVER, having said that, yes even I can admit that there will be something that isn’t that hard, its just I look at it and think “oh this is gonna take awhile” and I tend to put it off and yes, it can come back to bite me. Yep, this frog can bite!

Over the years, I’ve learned to just eat the frog, get it done, it may taste yucky but at least I can say “I did it” and then feel really good about it!  I think for most of us the thing is time management, planning etc.  Again, this too is something I’ve learned and gotten much better at over the years. Am I always so focused? Yeah not always, but I’d say that 90% of the time I am.  I use a fabulous planner/journal which this year especially has helped me immensely to stay focused, on track and be much better  at frog edibles!!

If that frog is just something you don’t wanna tackle, perhaps look into a virtual assistant/service that could really be a huge help in digesting that frog off your plate! If that’s not feasible, the best advice I can give is to just put the frog at the very top of your list, do it first thing while the energy and enthusiasm (yes enthusiasm) is there and just conquer it. Dig in! Eat that frog and Git R Done. You’ll feel much better when its all over with and can look back and say “wow what a relief”.

Here’s the article I’m referring to through Success

As for the planner/journal I mentioned: Best Self Journal

Are You a Type A Person

Type A people, we all know one or more. For me, I know one quite intimately and sometimes even she can drive me nuts! It’s ME!! Yes, there I’ve said it. Hi I’m Cindy and I’m a type A!

So I said how it can drive me nuts and that’s because so many times I’ve needed to get something done and while there were competent (really, maybe? See there’s that doubt ha) people around to help, I just couldn’t reach out to them therefore I probably frazzled my own self.

If you’re like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. It’s very hard when you just don’t want to hand over the reins to someone else and even worse if you do let go and it’s done not to your standards.

In the business world, far too many times there’s a business person who is trying to do it all and coming up empty and wondering why. They’re sitting at their desk staring at what I call “post it world”, the planner and/or scheduler and the eyes are just glazing over and all of a sudden, hands on the side of the head, those words come out “I don’t know where to start” or “how am I ever going to get this all done I’m overwhelmed”. Nope, you’re not overwhelmed, busy or even disorganized, quite simply you’re just In Demand and that’s a good thing!

Nowadays there is a plethora of tasks that can be handed over to a virtual assistant. Many do have hesitation and resistance at first, and most of the time it could be the lack of knowing more about what and how a virtual assistant works.  However, in every instance I’ve seen and worked in, that type A business person learns pretty fast just what a lifesaver and well, lifegiver their VA has become to them.

In our personal world giving in to help can be another challenge as well.  I know for me, when I decide to do something I get right to it and “git r done”, however, there are those times when a project may be a little more than I anticipated or even knew a lot about, nonetheless I was going to tackle it and do it myself!  Lately, I’ve gotten myself into those “situations” and have had to ask for help.  It kills me to ask for help of any kind!!  I’m that person who wants to do it all myself, my own way, my own terms and just get it done or get through it but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way.  For me now, sometimes what I’m doing does require the assistance of that second person, I mean I have three dogs but every time I ask them for help I get the same thing, they hold up their front paws and say “uh sorry no thumbs” ugh give me a break guys!  So I ask my hubby who, if he hasn’t yet done so, will offer assistance to which I am always thankful for and appreciate and who will either do it as I would, ask how I want it done, do it better than I even would have and always is happy to help and makes the job a whole ‘lotta fun at the same time!

Yes, it’s hard being a type A but even harder frustrating ourselves, worrying, stressing out and even maybe getting sick over. So in conclusion, don’t be afraid to ask for help, step outta your comfort zone (I know it’s hard) and hire a VA, ask family or friends for help and sit back, relax and breathe!! Being a Type A doesn’t mean you can’t just kick back sometimes!