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How Things Change

Ever sit and think about the changes in your life and/or business? I especially do this at the end of a year, more-so in my business life. This is when I look back over the year and see what my goals were, how I did in achieving them, what held me back, what was challenging and what steps did I take to achieve a goal.

This year in particular, I looked at just how my business(s) have morphed over the years, much like a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly and how much fun I’m having with that. My freelance business had started out back in 2007 as virtual assisting, remote assistance, off-site assistance….whatever you call it, it’s still as an independent contractor or freelancer. While I started out primarily in one niche, over the years I’ve found what I really enjoy doing, better at, and what gives me the greatest satisfaction, not to mention clients.

When I look back over the “morphing” of my business, it’s really kind of cool to just see how it all came to be, and I know it’s going to keep evolving. I’m a person who loves change! I embrace it! Never one to just be content with things staying the same. Go outside your comfort zone! That’s pretty much how I’ve done things in my business and personal life and it really does put a smile on my face when I look back over all of it.

So in conclusion, Change it up! Keep the spark! Embrace the change!

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling… makes people wonder what you’re up to 🙂 Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to leave comments. I personally read and answer all comments.…….Cindy