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It’s Me…Just a Little Different

Well it’s me…I believe that sometime I have to write to let my readers know just what happened to me.

On April 5th, I had a stroke. It came without ANY medical warnings whatsoever. Although, when I think I could have thought about it now, those little “things” that held me back, those things that held me up against the washing machine, crooked-like all the while saying “wow can I move”, I would have made a quick call to the hospital. 

I had small things that happened that reminded me of something like a stroke, but I chose not to let in thinking that it was nothing, since after about five minutes it started to go away and I thought OK I was cool so now I went on with my rest my tasks since after that I was alright. Instead of doing that, I would (and will) make that call. I will take it upon myself to go to the hospital, rather than wait till the next day, when my husband had to work and I thought I was OK, and even let my chickens out of the chicken coop (?) what was I thinking.

Let me tell you something, if there’s one thing you can do it’s take care of your body! Take care of the way you care about it, this is something that I did but I have to say until I felt those  feelings I didn’t think it was anything, I thought they were just something little, but when you have anything that feels odd that’s when you call! 

I have to say that the that the one thing that happened to me is that the right side of my body cannot do what it used to. The right side is what I used to rely on. I used to think that the right leg, the right arm, and yes even the right side of my face (which REALLY isn’t that bad, just makes for more talking). I’ve come along way since I’ve been talking, I’ve come along way since what I’ve been doing, I’ve come along way indeed from what I was when they brought me in. I’ve been told that I’ll make a miraculous recovery, most likely most of it if not all. The key is to what I’ve been doing, I’m going to my therapy twice a week and doing what I’m told. And for that, I will always be grateful. I’m kept up with my daily trainings. I’ve really not thought about what could happen if I don’t do, it I just keep doing it. 

One thing I really like to do, is thank my husband because without him I would not be where I am right now. Thank you Fritz, you are my amazing man. 

All of this can happen to ANYONE, it doesn’t matter age or not. It doesn’t matter health issues or not.ย 

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling… makes people wonder what you’re up to ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to leave comments. I personally read and answer all comments.…….Cindy

During This Quarantine Time

What are you doing during this “lock down”, quarantine or whatever one choses to call it?

With everyone having to stay at home, I’m curious as to what others are doing. I know some people are working from home, which is always a plus no matter how you look at it๐Ÿ™‚. Teachers are doing their part by teaching from home bringing a whole new light on schooling. Others who are in professions where they can’t work from home are just taking this time to spend it with their family or maybe just enjoy their own down time.

I know there’s quite a lot of people taking this opportunity to get projects done around the house. Home Depot in our town has been super busy. I guess that “Honey Do” list is getting shorter and shorter! I told my husband there’s gonna be a lot of home improvements going on and looking good!

My daughter and son in law live in LA, California and have been going on long hikes, bike rides, walking my grandpuppy, cooking, baking, puzzles and my son in law has been doing a lot of his very artistic drawings. When I call, I ask what the arts and crafts of the day will be๐Ÿ™‚

My husband is working since he’s in charge of the districts’ irrigation and since that’s classified as agriculture and cannot shut down, well he’s out there doing what he always does….and at it’s best I might add๐Ÿ˜Š

For me, life hasn’t really changed. I haven’t been panic shopping, we’re pretty self sufficient and always are blessed to have enough, I will admit a few things I did get just a little extra of, but only because so many staple products may not be there when I need them. But all in all, my food shopping has been the same.

I’m home everyday anyway so nothing has really changed. As a freelancer, I I’m a digital nomad anyway so work for me is the same. I’m always either doing something on our ranch, in our home or in my home office. Life is never boring for me! Currently my big project has been a total remodeling of our chicken coop and run which I’m having so much fun with! I’m always surrounded by three dogs, two Pygmy goats, ducks, chickens and pheasants so I always have plenty to talk to๐Ÿคฃ

I’d like to think people will take this time to enjoy it, you may not like it, but can make the best of it. Some may be taking a long wind down! So many talk about how hectic their lives are, now’s the time to really relax, decompress and make the most out of this.

Share your “staying at home” comments with me, I’d love to know what others are doing now with this Covid quarantine.

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling… makes people wonder what you’re up to ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to leave comments. I personally read and answer all comments.…….Cindy

It May Be Time to Start a Freelance Business

With all that’s been going on lately remote work has become the new norm for many folks and I for one think this is super!

I’ve been a Freelancer since 2007, back when I started, it was referred to as virtual assisting and it had been in existence for about at least five years and companies were starting to see the benefits of hiring remotely. It still was hard for me to convince a business of all the benefits they’d realize by hiring me at my hourly rate over even having a high school person come in for $7.00 an hour. But it worked and I did well.

My industry has been growing at quite a steady rate and in an article published by Nasdaq in June of 2017, it stated that “In 2016 nearly 53 million Americans were freelancers, that’s 34% of the workforce!” That same article went on to say that “Projections show that by 2020 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers.”

A Forbes article dated October 2017 “Are We Ready For A Workforce That is 50% Freelance?” This article went on to report that “If freelancing continues to grow at its current rate, the majority of U.S. workers will be freelancing by 2027.” The article went on to mention a survey that was taken by the Freelancers Union and the “giant freelance platform Upwork” and it found that in ten years 50.9% of the U.S. populations would be freelancers, especially if the current growth rate continues! Woohoo! I get so excited by this since, to me freelancing is the way to go. I mean we’re always going to need on site workers for certain jobs, but people are seeing far too many benefits of freelancing for the most part.

So many benefits to speak of that I may need to write a separate post about just that๐Ÿ™‚. As I stated at the beginning, many “bennies” to the business/company but, in my eyes an even greater one for the freelancer!

Now that we have this Covid stuff going on and people have suddenly been thrust into remote working, I find it so amazing how quick and smoothly it’s all running. I have to laugh cause I think that perhaps even the companies themselves are scratching their heads and saying “wow this way really works! And if most people are anything like I was back in 2007 (when I was running a real estate office from home since I was sick for a week) once you get a taste for this, you don’t want to go back to the office! I was home sick, but I could still get my work done in between resting and taking care of myself and the office ran smooth as always.

That’s when I decided there has to be a way I can do what I do, from home and get paid for it. I started doing all my research and found out that there is in fact a budding industry of this out there! That was it, the bug bit me, I liked it and well the rest is history.

One important factor is that in 2007, since virtual assistance, working remotely, off-site, freelance, whatever you call it was fairly newish there wasn’t a lot of true training and help on really getting started from the thought in your mind to full start up. At that time, it was also more of earning money at what you know how to do, trainings on new skills etc were really not available and any kind of “coaching or advice” always came with a price. In all honesty I will admit I spent and wasted a lot of money back then trying to learn more about my industry and what to do.

Enter in a young couple, Kelly and Craig Cannings that shortly thereafter started Virtual Assistant University which provided everything, and I mean every thing that someone looking to freelance needs to know and learn about. To me the tools they offer are unsurpassed and a necessity if you’re looking to go solo and become a digital nomad. From providing a free toolkit that even asks if this is the right “job” for you to trainings done on your own schedule that not only help improve what your current skills are, but give the opportunity to learn other skills that maybe you want to try, venture into and offer clients. The in-demand work out there is un-ending, and there’s more than enough to go around. We’ve watched an industry go from being primarily admin/secretarial work, accounting or even a sometimes nichรฉ market of REVA’s (real estate virtual assistants) to being pretty much anything! Event planning, coaching, consulting, social media, copy-write, various types of media and the list just goes on and on. Virtual Assistant University rebranded last year to a cool fresh new look (that definitely keeps up with the industry) to Freelance University or Free U as we in the community like to call it, and each year provides a list of the added skills in demand and its constantly growing!

From what we’re seeing with all that’s going on right now, the freelance way of life is just going to explode with either the temporary situation becoming permanent and/or workers realizing they can in fact work from home. Funny, even the term “work from home” has turned into “work from WiFi. Another plus is there’s no competition and no shortage of work available as a freelancer!

So if you’re reading this and you decide to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle or become a freelancer….one filled with much more reward and less stress…in my opinion, I strongly urge to connect with Freelance University as I would say this is the first place to start to find out if this is even right for you and to me what FreeU offers is priceless and a definite must for anyone considering or even currently freelancing. With it comes a Facebook community that is a wealth of information and even comfort at times. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to learn more.

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling… makes people wonder what you’re up to ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to leave comments. I personally read and answer all comments.…….Cindy

Fear and the Role It Plays in Life

Is It Holding You Back?

This may not be a super exciting topic for many, but it’s there, and exists in life and is normal. Expect it, we all have it at some point in our lives but the trick is how we deal with it, work through it and above all….keep it from holding us back.

Thirteen years ago when I decided to let go of working for someone else and helping to build their dream, I was told fear can and will hold you back. But just the word itself….FEAR…it’s actually False Evidence Appearing Real. Pretty cute huh? And definitely true!

For the purpose of this site post, I’ll deal with fear on a more business related side, because far too often those starting out on their own deal with this and it can grip them hard, in many (sad) cases it causes them to actually let go and shut down on their dreams, goals and huge ideas. First off let me say that fear isn’t a sign that you’re doing something wrong, rather it means that you’re doing something new and right and bold!! You’ve stepped outside your comfort zone, a place you may find scary but just embrace it and let it all sink in and tell yourself that you are in that rather small percentage of people who’ve taken a leap of faith to forge ahead and go after your dreams and goals. If you don’t have the fear it means you’re not moving forward or challenging yourself to grow. I like this part of a quote Christy Wright wrote in her book Business Boutique quoting a friend “Fear establishes the limits of your life. The bigger your fear, the smaller your life”. I love that! How true it is. Fear can stop you in your tracks, make you ask yourself “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this, is this right, what if it doesn’t work” and the list goes on. My favorite part of that line is what if it doesn’t work…to which I say what if it does?

Fear is real folks, especially when it comes to business and there’s scientific fact to back it up. Back in the 1970’s researchers called this the “Imposter Syndrome” (Christy Wright; Business Boutique), because it can give feelings of undeserving of their achievements or dreams/goals, afraid of being found out and this one…..”Who am I to do this?”.๐Ÿ˜ฒ

I think the best part of all this is that ironically, the ones who suffer from Imposter Syndrome are usually high achievers and the ones getting stuff done! Someone there binge watching TV eating bon bons or aimlessly surfing social sites and saying “look how lucky he/she is” isn’t even wondering if they’re performing up to standard and not even dealing with the fear….(then again perhaps they are and that fear has gripped them so tight they’re afraid to make any moves)

A lot and I mean A lot of people have a fear of failing…..especially when it comes to any type of business venture or idea. It’s so common. But to that I say FAIL and FAIL BIG, yes folks that’s right you heard me say it…FAIL and FAIL AGAIN AND AGAIN! Ben Franklin had what…some 1,000 failures before getting the light bulb right. ONE THOUSAND! Michael Jordan, Stevie Wonder, Colonel Sanders…just to name a few have had so many failures and strikes against them…did it stop them? Nope! Ya see, the thing is, if you never try you’ll never fail. Plain and simple as all that! Failure is an option, failure is good, failing forward is a good sign!

When starting something new, there’s always going to be nay-sayers, the “fear inducers” the “what ifers” (yep that’s a word in my world) these people will always be there no matter what to crush you down and put the fear into you, even if you don’t already have it. Walk away! Put on ear muffs! Play loud music to drown them out! Whatever it takes, just don’t let them make you step back into your comfort zone. Press forward and just say “What if it doesn’t? Ahhh but what if it DOES”?

So as the book says “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” (Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.)

If you’ve ventured into something new and stepped outside your comfort zone, give yourself a pat on the back and when someone says “It can’t be done” as I always say “Watch Me!” and fail forward my friend!

How Things Change

Ever sit and think about the changes in your life and/or business? I especially do this at the end of a year, more-so in my business life. This is when I look back over the year and see what my goals were, how I did in achieving them, what held me back, what was challenging and what steps did I take to achieve a goal.

This year in particular, I looked at just how my business(s) have morphed over the years, much like a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly and how much fun I’m having with that. My freelance business had started out back in 2007 as virtual assisting, remote assistance, off-site assistance….whatever you call it, it’s still as an independent contractor or freelancer. While I started out primarily in one niche, over the years I’ve found what I really enjoy doing, better at, and what gives me the greatest satisfaction, not to mention clients.

When I look back over the “morphing” of my business, it’s really kind of cool to just see how it all came to be, and I know it’s going to keep evolving. I’m a person who loves change! I embrace it! Never one to just be content with things staying the same. Go outside your comfort zone! That’s pretty much how I’ve done things in my business and personal life and it really does put a smile on my face when I look back over all of it.

So in conclusion, Change it up! Keep the spark! Embrace the change!

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling… makes people wonder what you’re up to ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to leave comments. I personally read and answer all comments.…….Cindy

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