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myphoto    Cindy Frisendahl, Founder & Owner

Its a great day at Sage Brush Design & Media Studio!

Another day to be able to help someone with a task that they either don’t like to do, don’t know how to do it or just don’t want to do it!

Sage Brush Design & Media Studio is a bright, sunny and wonderful place of inspiration!  The name of my studio  was inspired by its surroundings.  Located in my home office in a big old farm house in what we call “the middle of nowhere”, surrounded by the beautiful Southern Oregon mountains loaded with sagebrush and trees all over.  I like to bring a little bit of “me” in all that I do. Positive, upbeat and while professional, I like to keep things light, fun and relaxed, and this is what I bring to my clients and business. My life is blessed with a wonderful husband, 4 grown children between us, a grandson, 3 dogs, barnyard kitties and chickens a duck and soon Pygmy goats! 

Sage Brush Design & Media Studio is a freelance company rich in a journey of over Thirty-six years of combined experience in office administrationreal estategraphics and my own entrepreneurship.  Through all this experience, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting and building relationships with womenpreneursconsultantsreal estate agents; along with anyone else who just needed some help in an area that is my niche.  It’s what makes it all so much fun and enjoyable!  Whether you’re a small business owner needing someone to take care of your content development or graphic design or someone who just needs to have something like a business card or invitation done up, I’m here to help you!

So this freelance thing, curious about that? 

A freelancer is an independent entrepreneur providing a variety of rapidly expanding niche services in quite a broad range of categories.  These categories include administrative, creative, technical, real estate, travel, personal, internet marketing, blogging, social media, event planning and even project management just to name a few. They work with multiple clients in various fields.  Using advanced technological modes of communication, a professional VA is able to assist clients in her/his area of expertise from their own office on a contractual basis.

Freelancers help business owners earn more money by freeing up their time and allowing them to get on with the business of business.

Whats the difference between a freelance person, virtual assistant and a temporary secretary or project consultant?

A freelancer or virtual assistant is a partner, not an employee.  They provide their clients with much more than completed tasks.  They consider the whole picture of their clients business, helping to move their clients growth and success to the next level, this builds a collaborative working relationship.  Small business owners who hire a freelancer are only paying for the services that are needed.  All  other associated costs such as office equipment, office space, employee insurance, vacation pay, job training and so on is not needed.

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