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    Cindy Frisendahl,

Freelancer * Influencer * Blogger

Its a great day at Sage Brush Design & Media Studio and I’m so glad you paid me a visit.

As a former New Jersey shore gal who “transplanted” out here to beautiful Southern Oregon in 2014, Sage Brush Design & Media Studio is one of my happy places and where I like to bring a little of “me” to you. My Studio is my home office and I’m able to be very professional, yet I don’t like to take life so serious. Whether you’ve stopped by to check out how I may be able to help you in your business, or you have a design/printing need or just want to peruse some of my blog posts, which I like to refer to as a diversified lifestyle mix reflecting my own style, I hope that something on my site sparks your interest into learning more and perhaps we can work together. As always, if you see something that you’d like to comment on, by all means feel free to do so. I personally read and answer each one and would enjoy hearing from you.

Sage Brush Design & Media Studio is where you can find logo and branding if you’re a new business or just want to freshen up your current brand. Maybe you need copy-write, content development and/or management. Or it may be that you need help with social sites or a website. Whatever the case may be, I’d love the opportunity to talk to you and see how we can work together.

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