What are you doing during this “lock down”, quarantine or whatever one choses to call it?

With everyone having to stay at home, I’m curious as to what others are doing. I know some people are working from home, which is always a plus no matter how you look at it🙂. Teachers are doing their part by teaching from home bringing a whole new light on schooling. Others who are in professions where they can’t work from home are just taking this time to spend it with their family or maybe just enjoy their own down time.

I know there’s quite a lot of people taking this opportunity to get projects done around the house. Home Depot in our town has been super busy. I guess that “Honey Do” list is getting shorter and shorter! I told my husband there’s gonna be a lot of home improvements going on and looking good!

My daughter and son in law live in LA, California and have been going on long hikes, bike rides, walking my grandpuppy, cooking, baking, puzzles and my son in law has been doing a lot of his very artistic drawings. When I call, I ask what the arts and crafts of the day will be🙂

My husband is working since he’s in charge of the districts’ irrigation and since that’s classified as agriculture and cannot shut down, well he’s out there doing what he always does….and at it’s best I might add😊

For me, life hasn’t really changed. I haven’t been panic shopping, we’re pretty self sufficient and always are blessed to have enough, I will admit a few things I did get just a little extra of, but only because so many staple products may not be there when I need them. But all in all, my food shopping has been the same.

I’m home everyday anyway so nothing has really changed. As a freelancer, I I’m a digital nomad anyway so work for me is the same. I’m always either doing something on our ranch, in our home or in my home office. Life is never boring for me! Currently my big project has been a total remodeling of our chicken coop and run which I’m having so much fun with! I’m always surrounded by three dogs, two Pygmy goats, ducks, chickens and pheasants so I always have plenty to talk to🤣

I’d like to think people will take this time to enjoy it, you may not like it, but can make the best of it. Some may be taking a long wind down! So many talk about how hectic their lives are, now’s the time to really relax, decompress and make the most out of this.

Share your “staying at home” comments with me, I’d love to know what others are doing now with this Covid quarantine.

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling…..it makes people wonder what you’re up to 🙂 Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to leave comments. I personally read and answer all comments.…….Cindy