Here we go, the year is winding down to a close and a new one is about to begin. I always say where has the year gone! Always reminded of my grandma telling me that time goes faster as you get older, to which I always said “oh granny you’re wrong” Ha, oh how wrong I was and now being a “granny” myself I say the same thing!

As a business owner, this time is kind of a fun time, it makes me take a good look at the past year, all the goals set and exactly how I did, along with what were my biggest challenges. It also allows me to set new goals or maybe update some. Goal setting has always been a biggie for me and it’s funny how it took me so long to “really get it” and see that this stuff really does work and makes a difference. I think my biggest realization of it came when years back I started with declaring my goals out loud, writing them down, and keeping them in my face. I remember writing a sales goal for my month and at that time, I hadn’t kept it in my face, but kept it written down and in my mind. I was super surprised when a few days after the month ended I found my goal sheet and that I had exceeded it by $3,000!!

A few of my 2019 goals still are a work in progress, I look deep into what kept me from reaching them and learn, be it from mistakes I made, or perhaps I just need to learn even more about how to reach them, and then again some I need to just suck it up to the fact that it’s not the destination but the journey, it make take a little more time to get to where I wanna be, but I’ll get there and the journey will have been so well worth it.

While goals need to be big and really make you stretch, they also need to be attainable. I learned early in my goal setting that while setting that BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is great, it also needs to be attainable. So while say, your BHAG is earning $10,000 by X date, is it realistic for you to do, or perhaps starting with smaller steps like, earn an additional $2,500 by X date, you exceed that then increase the amount and date and exceed that…all those smaller steps will get you to your grand goal and would have been a little more realistic for you. AND there needs to be the roadmap of how to get there. No goal should or can be written down without some sort of “map” of how to get there. You wouldn’t embark on a new journey without knowing how you would get there right? Same thing here. Yes, my goals stretch me, and long long ago I learned to come outta my comfort zone, but they also contain my steps on how I’m going to reach them.

For a goal to be more than just a pipe dream, it needs to be written down and revisited daily! Every day, I write mine down, but I write them down as if they already have happened. It’s training your brain really. Some of my goals have dates set to them, and some do not but even if there’s a date, that can be changed along the way if need be. The bottom line is, just set those goals, raise your bar and get going on a brand new year. It’s a brand new start so seize it!

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling… makes people wonder what you’re up to 🙂 ****Cindy****