What’s on your book list, or what are you reading now? What you read is so important. I personally will only read books that will help me, educate me or bring positive change. Usually I keep a running list in my phone notes of books I hear about and as I finish one, I’ll check my list of what to get into next. There was a time when I’d have about three books going at once, but since my lifestyle has changed and my businesses have morphed, well I find I can concentrate better with just one.

Not sure how any of you feel and I really would love to hear from you on this, so feel free to comment….I do personally read every one and will answer back🙂I have an iPad loaded with so many books and it’s super convenient to have so many all in one compact place. However, there is just something about a physical book that always has appealed to me. Having that actual book in your hand, the look, the feel and even the smell. So I find myself ordering hard copy books regularly and I especially love a hard cover book! Just one of my quirks I guess but hey, it’s my own world and everyone there knows me😀I’m also a fan of reading the Bible and that one folks, must be in hard copy form! To me that is one that definitely has the feel and smell. Ever smell a Bible?….ahhh to me it’s something so cool. I have to admit that of late I’ve slacked off on that reading a bit, not something I’m proud of and do like to really try to set time aside for even if only a few minutes a day to devote to Bible reading. It’s one of my habits to get back into and as we’re heading out of 2019, one of my habits to seriously stick to in 2020!

Back to my type of books. I love personal growth, those that deal with growing business, networking or forming those relationships. Personal growth, development…whatever you want to call it, they’re my favorite go to books. Recently, I finished two….what I feel are awesome books written “in real terms and in a real way”. Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and Girl Stop Apologizing also by Rachel Hollis. I loved these two! As a budding Influencer myself, these were stacked with useful and practical information along with Rachel being herself and it really coming through in her writing! Loved them!

Now on to my new read, No Place Like Known by Megan Valentine, as the cover says “a journey of self-discovery, chasing dreams, and finding home right where you are”. Looking forward to starting this later, so stay tuned for my feedback later on!

The teacher is always available to the student willing to learn, and I love learning new things that can better my life, business or anything I do. It’s a lot of my reading that has lead me to copywrite, ie content development/management. Love to read and love to write and what I learn along the way sure has helped me.

So on that note, I’m going to end this post and do encourage y’all to hit me back with what you’re reading, and oh yeah…love to hear feedback on what you’re reading, it may even end up on my own reading list!

Have an outstanding day and keep smiling…..it makes people wonder what you’re up to 🙂 ****Cindy****