Life, and the changes that can be associated with it.  Today as I was preparing another wonderful cappuccino, looking out my back window, I just had to marvel and laugh at what was going on outside.  Chickens running around, our ducks splashing in their pool, barnyard kitties sunning themselves and looking up at the window to see me and of course our three dogs being lazy at my feet and two Pygmy goats foraging around, it inspired me to do a quick blog on how life can completely turn around and you can find yourself actually living it as you’ve always imagined.

First let me just fill ya in about me.  I now live in what my Dad always referred to as Gods Country and now I know why, beautiful Southern Oregon.  I wasn’t born here, I’m actually a Jersey (New Jersey) native, more typically a Jersey shore girl where I lived for most of my life.  However, I was born and raised my first seven years in the country.

Fast forward over the years and I migrated to more city areas of Jersey (hated them all) and finally to the shore that I absolutely loved.  Always living within Ten to Twenty minutes of the ocean and beaches and also living on a lagoon in a waterfront community.  However, as I mentioned, life can take you in opposite directions.  About Eleven years ago, I was given a paper at a networking function where we were all told by this business coach that each one of us had a paper under our plates and every single one had a message that was unique to each one of us.  (This woman had no idea who were all were or even where we would all be sitting, but these were under each plate and were all different) When we were told to turn over these papers and read it, I was amazed!  **As I read mine, I knew it was absolutely right and it totally pertained to my life at the moment and in the future. I’ve kept that and hung it up in my office and refer to it over and over again and at the same time thank God for this being so true and for all He’s blessed me with.  Including all my life changes, both the good and the bad.

Five years ago, I relocated across the country to Gods Country – beautiful Southern Oregon. My life has completely done a 360 and has never been better! I went from being what many here refer to me as “high heel and dress wearing fancy schmancy girl” or as some of our friends call me “Jersey” to what is truly my place as a “boots and jeans wearing country livin’ farm gal”.  I have come full circle! Started in the country, raised that way for some time and never lost my roots.

My husband (who I met on  and yes we did a commercial for them) and I live in a big ol’ farm house  way out in farm country on six and a half acres.  Certainly not considered a lot of property by standards here, but plenty for us.  We’re surrounded by farm fields, mountains, sage brush and trees and the peaceful easy living that goes with all of this.  When we look up at the night sky, we can see every star! 

As a Freelancer, Independent Consultant and Independent Market Partner, I basically work from wifi.  A lot of my time is spent taking care of our home and farm and I’m thankful every single day that my life took that turn, change….whatever you want to call it.  I’ve always been one to love and embrace change and I can will all honesty and sincerity say I’m truly livin’ the dream!!

**That message on my paper was this: Mistakes are the detours in life that take you to places you never thought you’d go, but ultimately get you to where you want to be.

      Photo courtesy and copyright of Sage Brush Design & Media Studio

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