Farm fresh eggs, ahh nothing else comes close.

After carefully asking questions and doing my research, I finally decided to jump into raising chickens.  Now just like many of those who may be reading this and have done the same thing, you go to the farm/feed store with this thought in your mind, “I’ll only get 4”. Ha, that lasted about all of the ten minutes when I was talking with the sales/chicken pro at the local Coastal farm store and the decision to go with at least six happened.

That was in April of this year (2018) and once I got these littles home and started enjoying them as they grew I knew I was hooked…um well many of us chicken people refer to being addicted. Once our coop and run was all built and our little ones were now out in their new wide open world, more enjoyment came. When I was working outside, I was amused by what is known as chicken TV.  All of our chickens have names and are very lovingly cared for. Around June as I was in the back of the house, I heard this strange sound come from the coop.  A sound that to me made my eyes bug out! That was the sound of a young bird attempting his first crow…We’ve Got a Roo!  So in an attempt to not confuse the little fella, I changed the name from Chrissy to Ricky after all, it’s close right?  And we already have a Lucy 🙂 

As summer went on into late August our first egg appeared!!! I was so excited to find that first egg nestled into the nesting box. It was like a little gift. Everyday I enjoyed going out with my egg basket and gathering up my one and only egg.  Knowing the rest would be coming into laying, I started keeping track on a daily basis of how many we get and gradually it started to increase.

By now they were big chickens and way more fun to watch. Hubby started to enjoy watching and talking to them and sometimes we would just sit out back and laugh over the antics.  Heck just watching them run gave us a laugh, especially the Light Brahmas, these have heavily feathered feet and between their heavy butt feathers and those feet it looks like their running with their pants falling down!  They were now free ranging during the day and having a blast. Gradually they would venture into new territory and just devour little goodies.  Only once did I look behind some boards propped up behind our pump house and find a next of two eggs. No, ladies…you have nice nesting boxes for this! Guess they got the point since I always find their eggs in the coops.

Since our first little batch of chicks, I added eight more chicks and we adopted 7 more older gals of different breeds from a friend who was relocating and along with them came our duck, a beautiful Rouen male who I apply named Drake.  Drake protects his ladies AND ME. If Ricky the roo decides to get outta line, all I have to do is say “Drake help me” and here he comes quickly waddling over to chase Ricky 🙂 We love him and intend to get him one or two duck ladies…well maybe…he’s pretty content with his haram right now ha.  I also wound up getting two more little chicks in late August just cause of their breed and cuteness and 4 weeks later they were out with the big girls and lovin life! 

I’m always looking for chicken “hacks”, local finds to use in and around our coops and runs along with making most of my own feed (fermented and dry) scratch, treats and  just keeping them happy in healthy in natural ways.

More chicks are coming in the spring and I do hope at some point someone goes broody and we have our own batch hatched here at Frisendahl Homestead. In the meantime, we enjoy and love each and every one of our “fowl” and enjoy the wonderful gifts they provide us with every single day! Even now that the days are shorter (ah but soon they shall start getting longer) every day I go out and find their colorful array of gifts and I can honestly say that I will never get tired of finding eggs. It’s like an Easter egg hunt in chicken coops every single day 🙂

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