Procrastination, oh boy how many have done this or still do this?

I’ve had a saying for many years which I really cannot fully share here, but lets just say it goes along the lines that procrastination is literally hurting yourself in the long run.  Oh sure we all have those things we know we need to do and should do but we don’t really feel like doing them at the time and well we procrastinate… And then what happens, yep we’re screwed! Either we don’t get that time later, something comes up tomorrow and now we haven’t gotten it done.

It’s the frog! That’s what I call the thing I know I really have to get done but deep down really don’t want to…its my frog. So I’ve gotten myself in the habit (and trust me it has taken a while to do that too) of saying “time to eat the frog”.  Note: I guess it’s called eating the frog since well, I don’t think frogs really taste all that good ha. 

Eating the frog first is probably the best to do, make it the priority task and just take a big gulp and get it done. Maybe it’s exercising, doing that project in or around the house, on the job it could be that task written on the post it that keeps getting moved around to avoid it.  Whatever the case may be its that “something” that makes you procrastinate.

Well here’s some simple things you can do to help get over procrastination.  First, tell yourself let me just start this as you go about the task tell yourself just a little bit more, it could even be just little significant steps or actions but if you go along in this way saying five more minutes or a few more sit ups or I’ll just work on this til I finish this part whatever it is, just saying these little words along with doing the task will make a huge impact.  It’s the compound effect the slight edge that will make all the difference. Before you know it you’ll say wow I’ve gotten this far, I may as well just finish this up and low and behold you’re done with whatever it was you were putting off….procrastinating.  The sense of accomplishment will be huge and the feeling it will give will only propel you into keeping the habit.

So after doing all this will procrastination be a thing of the past? Could be, but every so often something may come around and you just may feel like putting it on the back burner, but don’t, remind yourself how well just applying those little words, those little steps all helped conquer…or eat the frog. May not have been the tastiest, but at least it got done

Remember, it’s TOO LATE to procrastinate.

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